Dyno Facility

  • Blower is measured while accelerated to 14,000rpm (roots), 23,000rpm (screw)
  • Data acquisition is via v300sd
  • Measures: unit temp, temp in ,temp out, hat vac, load, rpm, boost, throttle response
  • Current dyno updates: cfm
  • Complete weather station
  • Every pull recorded on thermal image DVD

Rotor Coating

  • Roots blower rotor coating
  • Screw blower rotor coating


  • Properly assess your parts to make the best performing part from your existing parts list
  • Must see your existing parts to work out what is usable for your racing goals
  • Dyno testing of all your possible blower/hat combos


  • Determine your current performance levels to put together your most successful combination
  • Will need a mule blower or control blower with hat to test against when assessing changes
  • Discuss the options for what you have now and which parts will improve your program


  • Hats
  • Spacers
  • Cases
  • Stripping
  • Bearings
  • Inserts
  • Rotors


  • To supply the crew chief more data to properly tune your race car
  • Found it better from previous experience to introduce smaller changes in increased boost/power
  • There must be open communication between the crew chief and the blower developer
  • 12-month exclusive blower development contracts available through Hammer Superchargers