Mission Statement

Hammer Superchargers is an industry leader in large-capacity racing superchargers. At Hammer, we build billet, high helix, and standard helix superchargers for alcohol and nitro burning engines. We also coat supercharger rotors and end frames, as well as blueprint existing large-capacity superchargers of both roots and screw configurations.

All of our supercharger technology was bred from countless hours at—and on—the racetrack over the past 20 years, racing under the rules applied by the various sanctioning bodies.

Hammer Superchargers engineered a device to accelerate our superchargers to 23,000 RPM to test for load, boost, and heat generation. Now, five years later, we have developed the ability to supply our customers with an efficient, trustworthy product that is a leader in the supercharger industry.

Every Hammer supercharger is put together with meticulous detail, and charted for tracking and wear patterns. They are dyno-tested before and after modification, to ensure the highest quality product.

Remember: No one goes to the race track without a Hammer in their trailer.

-Troy Critchley

Todd Tutterow ran his fastest ever pass

Todd Tutterow ran his fastest ever pass with a 14.5 Roots Blower by Hammer running a 3.81 in the 1/8th mile at North Carolina track Shadyside during a Quick 8 event. Tutterow runs the Pro Extreme Class in the PDRA series and won the Rockingham event with a Hammer Screw charger earlier in the 2015…

Brandon Snider sets new record in Pro Extreme

Brandon Snider set the 1/8th mile record in Pro Extreme at the PDRA World Finals in Virginia in October, with a ET of 3.51 at 217mph. Brandon Drives a 69 Camaro in the Pro Extreme Class and is sponsored by Q80, “We had a great season this year, and we appreciate all of our sponsors like Hammer…